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DENIMAR is one of the oldest and most respected American breeders of British Shorthairs and Scottish Folds. The cattery was founded in 1976 by the Huemmer family--Alice, Joseph, Doane and Kimberly.

Denimar British Shorthairs

Denimar breeds British Shorthairs in all available colors, including solids (blue, black, white), bicolors (blue and white, black and white, red and white, cream and white), calicoes and dilute calicoes, torties, blue-creams, brown tabbies, red tabbies, cream tabbies, silver tabbies, shaded silvers and shaded goldens, as well as tabby-and-whites, and patched tabbies.

Kittens and adults are available as pets and for breeding and showing. Denimar ships internationally. Denimar has provided foundation stock to some of the most respected British Shorthair breeders in the US and internationally, including Advent Hill, Castlkatz, Elusive Blue, and many other catteries in the US, Canada, Japan, Argentina, Finland, Brazil, and Germany.

Denimar Scottish Folds

Denimar breeds Scottish Folds in all available colors. Denimar's Scottish Folds are descended from the original foundation stock.

How to contact us

The Huemmers can be reached by telephone at (516) 775-1456, between 9 am and 9 pm, Eastern Standard Time. You can also send us email. Please write to Alice Huemmer at [email protected], or you can send snail mail to 306 South 9th Street, New Hyde Park, New York 11040. Faxes can be sent to our telephone number.

Our history

Denimar is one of the pioneering British Shorthair breeders in the US. From 1976 to 1980, we showed our British Shorthairs all over America, finally gaining CFA's acceptance of the breed for championship in 1980 Our long list of firsts includes::

1980: CFA's First British Shorthair Champion (the year the BSH was first accepted for championship), Grand Champion, and National Best of Breed

CFA's First Brown Tabby (imported from the UK from Brynbuboo)

CFA's First Bicolor Champion, Grand Champion, and National Breed Winner

CFA's First Particolor (blue-cream) National Winner

CFA's First Shaded Silver Champion, Grand Champion, and National Best of Color

CFA's First Tabby-and-White Grand Champion

The first CFA British Shorthair Standards were written using our Snowmaiden as exemplar.

© 2001 Alice and Joseph Huemmer

Denimar's Peeress o' the Realm; orange-eyed white female

Denimar's Regal Prestige ("Reggie"), blue male

Denimar's Tigre, spotted brown tabby male


Denimar's Easter Ovation and sister, shaded silver females

Denimar's Bede, Dilute Calico Scottish Fold female

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